Is Keno popular? Where did this game come from?

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Is Keno popular? Where did this game come from?

Welcome to the world of gambling. If you are someone who likes to try their luck by playing Keno. Can play no matter where with UFABET Then you are more likely to gamble more than anyone else. Keno is one of those gambling games that use your luck as a foundation. Like slots and roulette, players do not need any skill or technique to play. Just have the confidence that you are lucky. Just like this,

You can win the prize money from playing.

Keno has a very uncertain history. But from the search, the overall idea. That Arose out of finding a tactic that was use to raise money for the Chinese army in times of war. due to collecting taxes from the people. When the city was in chaos, it was difficult to do. Different provinces have issue gambling games in which various symbols are drawn on sealed paper. 

Then open to the public to place bets on that In each draw. Which symbols will be selecte? which announced the results to the people far away to be aware of Will use the method of sending pigeons to various villages, thus making this gambling game called. “White Pigeon Ticket”

Later, there was a Chinese immigration to the west. by sailing across the Pacific Ocean It is the starting point for this gambling game. Has been distributed in the state of Houston and Texas of America in 1866 under the name of the Chinese lottery. Until finally the name was modified to make it easier to call it Keno. Which after this game spread to west coast causing difficulty in playing Therefore. It has been modified from Chinese symbols. To become a more understandable number during the 19th century.

Keno took the brunt of the introduction of Nevada’s legal gambling in the 1930’s, thus making it one of the legal gambling games in casinos. Which is now a gambling game that is popular in casinos around the world. Because players can set their own gambling style. It’s an easy game to play. Even novice gamblers can play.