Antonio reveals his approach to West Ham unscorched form

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Antonio reveals his approach to West Ham unscorched form.

West Ham United striker Michail Antonio says his squad has changed. The “philosophy” of playing to improve the team but it hasn’t worked this season.

West Ham have invested more than £160m in the transfer market this season. But they have problems with poor results. At this time, they are ranked 18th in the table, which is the relegation zone. And they haven’t won in the Premier League since late October 2022. Which Antonio said about this

“I think what we’ve been trying to do over the last two seasons is, recklessly. We need to get at least 40 points, but last year’s performance was good. And very close to the Champions League, so this year we are aiming for the Champions League. We try to improve ourselves. trying to change our philosophy of play And we didn’t play football like we played in the last two years. A few years ago we weren’t a very ball possession team. We are a team that plays defense and waits for a counter-attack. But when we became a team in the top six Everyone became a player with the ball. Try to penetrate the opponent’s defense and create scoring chances. Which we found a counter-attack the way we always played.”

“It is our attempt to change. Turn yourself into a bigger team than ever before. and honestly I don’t think it will work very well.”

Antonio has play 25 games for the team in all competitions, scoring 5 goals and 3 assists this season.