Liverpool should sign Alexis McAllister Become stronger in midfield

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Liverpool should rush to sign Alexis McAllister Become stronger in midfield.

It can be said that it has associate with many people for Liverpool. Who do not believe in surprise because their performance is counting day by day. Going further and further to the sea, which many people agree that the big problem of the team. When This was in midfield. Where the game was not as dynamic as in previous years. With several key players like Jordan Henderson, Fabinho or Thiago Alcantara appearing to pass the P. Come and age is getting older. Let’s play heavy grinding games in the style of Jurgen Klopp, every game would not able to do it. On top of that, the next youngster hasn’t been able to perform as many expect. Which makes a ‘buy’ seem like a very reasonable and sensible solution for the Reds at this time.

Footsteps that have proven to be “real”

Having burst onto the scene with Brighton during the Graham Potter era. The name of 24-year-old Argentine Alexis McAllister started to talk. About more and more from the start. early last season Especially after being taken to stand as a central midfielder from. Where he use to play as a striker in previous years, the performance gradually improved, scoring 7 goals until. He was called into the Blue and White team for the 2022 World Cup. Which referred to as doing great than expected Become the heart of the game in the middle of the field. Plays extremely calm, works well with the ball. Hold the ball firmly Pass the ball smart and accurate. and also diligently running up and down until finally led Argentina to win the world championship successfully. The kind that has been raised by many media to become one of the best midfielders at this time.

Can be used immediately, no need to wait for adjustment

And one of his advantages compared to other midfielders. Who have link with Liverpool is the fact that he has experience. English Premier League for up to 3 years and still leverages good form to successfully create a name That makes if in the future this midfielder moves to Liverpool, it almost doesn’t have to adapt to both the climate, culture, living conditions, food, as well as the speed and intensity of the famous elite city football that many stars move. I have failed many times before. There will only have to be tuning the way to play to match Jurgen Klopp’s team system.