Rakitic thinks Real Madrid will win the Liga this season.

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Former Barcelona midfielder Ivan Rakitic believes Real Madrid will win La Liga this season. And is rooting for his former team to win the Champions League as well.

Ivan Rakitic, Croatian midfielder for Al-Shabaab, praises Real Madrid as a team with strong fundamentals and will win La Liga this season. But the 35-year-old is a former student. Barcelona believes their former team has a chance of winning the Champions League this season as well. According to a report from Marca last Saturday. UFABET

‘I didn’t tell you this season. But overall, Real Madrid has a lot going for it, having a strong foundation. And I expect they will dominate in the next few years. They will win La Liga this season.’ Rakitic said.

When asked about the Champions League, the 35-year-old midfielder hesitated a bit before answering ‘FC Barcelona’.

Before the Croatian midfielder further elaborated on Barcelona’s ongoing project. Which is still behind Real Madrid, he said: ‘It’s like when you had a girlfriend when you were a kid. And you didn’t pay much attention to her. But you don’t know until you lose her. Real Madrid can do everything better little by little.’ 


‘Tony (Kroos) and Luka (Modrić) are still leading the team. Maybe Barca changed too quickly.’ 

But Rakitic expects both young midfielders Gabi and Pedri to become key leaders in Barcelona’s future. ‘I’m sure Gabi and Pedri, who have incredible talent. It will be the future of Barca and Spanish football. But I think our help would be good for them.’

‘I trust all the children, like Bellingham and his peers, appreciate the learning they have with them each day. It hurts to see it because Barca was my home for six years and I have a very special love for it.’

Rakitic also mentioned his old friend Xavi Hernandez, who decided to leave the club after this season, saying: ‘Xavi is my close friend. And seeing him suffer mentally hurts me. Seeing it like this really hurts me. But I hope they can fix things for good results. In a big project like this Everything will be about money’