‘Tuchel’ confirms ‘Southern Tigers’ are not careless.

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Thomas Tuchel, Bayern Munich’s manager, thinks that past success has made Manchester United often come under special scrutiny by pundits. Ready to confirm not to be careless Because even though the opponent’s score was disappointing But he still plays terrible football.

The former Chelsea boss won’t be able to control the team from the sidelines tomorrow because he’s banned. But in an interview before the home game against the Red Devils, he expressed an interesting view of his opponent: ทางเข้า https://ufabet999.com/

“Manchester United always has a lot of noise around them. “

Many of the gurus in England have come from Manchester United and the work that Alex Ferguson has done has created expectations throughout the club.” “

United needs the same kind of performance. with Bayern, but at that club There are quite a few small things that turn into big things. And the criticism tends to be louder.”

“It is normal when we look at other clubs. But within the club I think United’s coaching atmosphere can make players grow. Which is the same thing we try to do. “

The Southern Tigers” started out in the first 4 league matches, winning 3, drawing 1 point, tied for top spot, opposite Manchester United, sinking 13th in the Premier League with 6 points from 5. The match:

“The results may say otherwise, but when I watched United play, they were full of quality. and a club with a winning culture,” the German head coach added.

“So we will never underestimate them, United have a very dangerous counter-attack, they have Rasmus Hojlund and many other high-speed players.

We have to control the game with caution at all times . “Tomorrow I will probably try to give the team energy in the stands. We have a strong coaching staff. And my assistant will definitely be able to do the job.”