When is the Carabao Cup final? when ? And who has a chance to nominate

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When is the Carabao Cup final? when ? And who has a chance to nominate.

It has passed until the final 4 teams for the Carabao Cup 2022/23. The first major event to win the championship faster than any other cup in England. With the remaining 4 teams surviving this season. I can say

Liverpool the former champions who beat Chelsea on penalties. Fell out of the challenger in the fourth round when they lost to Manchester City 3-2 as well. Indigo Blue Lion Old runner-up. While the Blue Sailboat itself. After defeating the Blue Lions, won the Reds, pushed to attack Southampton, crushed in a 2-0 twist, while Arsenal. the team with the best results in the league Was blown away from the 3rd round by the hands of Brighton.

4 survivors

Causing in this round, the 4 surviving teams consisted of one of the favorites , Manchester United, who had not found much solidity. They advanced by beating Aston Villa, Burnley and Charlton,

second favorites Newcastle. Who had passed Crystal Palace, Bournemouth and Leicester City in the previous round.

And two more late nights, starting with Southampton. Who just turned over Manchester City, as well as Lincoln and Sheffield Wednesday.

As for the other team, Nottingham Forest. Who have already beaten both Wolverhampton Wanderers Blackburn Rovers Including Tottenham Hotspur.

Final 4 rounds

The fixtures in this round will be played as two home-away fixtures, with Southampton and Newcastle playing first on Tuesday night, January 24, at 3am at St Mary’s, home of the Saints, and the second leg. at St. James Park, Salika Dong’s hometown, Tuesday, January 31, at 3:00 a.m. as well

Meanwhile, Manchester United will face Nottingham Forest, with the first match being played at the City Ground on Wednesday night, January 25 at 3am. Before meeting again at Old Trafford in the second leg on Wednesday, February 1 at 3:00 a.m.